Who we are

Great Lakes Adventist Academy is a private, four-year, coeducational secondary school owned and operated by the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It is fully accredited as a senior high school with the Board of Regents of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. GLAA, situated on a 400-acre campus in rural Cedar Lake, Michigan, serves approximately 200 students. As a Christian school, GLAA admits students of any race to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to the student body. No discrimination is made on the basis of race in administration of educational policies, applications for admission, scholarship or loan programs, athletic or extra-curricular programs.

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Our goal is for each student to make and maintain a decision for Jesus Christ and actively learn how to put Christianity into action through serving others. We strive to provide every student the opportunity to be involved in some form of ministry through our active Witnessing Program, Outreach Class, Community Outreach programs, Leaf-raking, Nursing Home Visitation, AYBL (Adventist Youth for Better Living), Aerokhanas Gymnastic Team, our Music Program, and many other creative avenues of service.

  • To present Jesus Christ as a personal Savior whom youth can know and relate to on a personal basis.
  • To assist students in obtaining an understanding of the Bible as the basis for faith and to understand the Spirit of Prophecy as God’s special message to His remnant church.
  • To lead students to adopt the philosophy and standards of Seventh-day Adventists as their mode of life.
  • To develop a sense of loyalty to and vigor for the mission of Christ to carry the gospel to all the world.

GLAA provides a strong academic program that has been developed through the work of the Academic Standards and Curriculum Committee. The committee meets regularly to examine and improve the academic program. It also considers the individual needs of students transferring to GLAA from other schools. As a result of this committee’s work, students may now choose from over 70 courses of study, and students may work toward one of two diplomas offered to graduate. Four full years of secondary education are required. The goal of the committee is excellence in education and in life, and it is hoped that GLAA graduates will have an excellent base on which to live their adult lives.

  • To provide students with the understanding of the religious, historical, political, social, scientific, aesthetic and economic forces that shape contemporary life.
  • To aid students in developing an intellectual excellence in the ability to think and act effectively.
  • To encourage mastery in educational effort, both in gathering knowledge and in the use of the tools of learning.
  • To develop a mental discipline which includes faithfulness to all responsibilities and appointments.

Students are taught the importance of living a healthy lifestyle with good eating habits, vigorous exercise, and adequate rest. Each student has the opportunity to be involved in the campus intramurals, disc golf, gymnastics team, sand volleyball, three weight rooms, racquetball courts, indoor running track, and physical education classes.

  • To encourage students to develop both the mind and the body as gifts received from our loving Creator God.
  • To encourage students to practice temperance in all the aspects of life.
  • To help students to understand what true recreation is and how Christians can make choices to please God and themselves.

GLAA strives to instill in its students a respect for all people. We provide an environment where students can develop and enjoy healthy friendships. Students are expected to uphold wholesome social standards, exercise self-control and self-discipline in their relationships with others.

  • To develop an appreciation for human relationships based on the values of Christ’s teachings, and thus to develop a respect for all people as worthy of respect and friendship.
  • To develop a high regard for the institutionof the family as God’s plan and means to strengthen, preserve and enrich the church, the community and the nation.
  • To encourage students to practice and uphold wholesome social standards in all their relationships.
  • To develop a sense of civic responsibility to our country as a nation established under God.

At GLAA our goal is to assist students in choosing and commencing preparation for vocational, technical or professional occupations that will make them effective, contributing employees or self-employed workers.

  • To enhance respect for the dignity of labor thus enabling students to develop responsibility toward economic values.
  • To teach students to strive for excellencein workmanship in whatever task they are assigned, to develop common sense, creativity, initiative, self-reliance, resourcefulness and reliability through work experience.