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In an effort to simplify dress for GLAA students, the following school dress code was adopted on May 17,  2012, by the Educational Committee of the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, the K-12 Board of Education, the GLAA Staff Dress Code Committee, and the GLAA faculty and staff.

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Final Land's End

GLAA’s dress code has been developed with consideration for modesty and a natural look. All clothing for all activities should be neat, appropriate, in good repair, and should fit well. The following regulations may not necessarily have spiritual implications as much as they reflect a desire to distinguish between different functions and appropriate attire for various activities. (Village students are required to meet the following dress code when on campus.)

School Dress:

The school uniform must be worn in the Administration Building during the school day, (Periods A – F and PM Chapel), with exception to student workers going to work after PM Chapel at the Cafeteria, Farm and Plant Services. Students taking classes during Periods G & H are permitted to wear work clothes, jeans with appropriate shirts or school uniforms.

1. GLAA uniform Pants; Shorts (boys); Capris or Skirts (girls)
2. GLAA uniform Polo Shirts: navy, black or royal (boys); navy and black with camis in black, white, gray, navy or skin tone; white polo, only with white or beige camis (girls); red polo (Seniors only)
3. GLAA uniform Oxford Shirt, modestly buttoned (tucked in and worn with black or brown belt through pant/skirt loops)
4. Black, navy, gray, tan and white, short- or long-sleeved undershirt can be worn under GLAA polos/oxfords.
5. GLAA uniform Jacket, with GLAA shirt worn under jacket.
6. GLAA uniform Fleece (navy or gray), with GLAA shirt worn under fleece jacket.
7. GLAA uniform Cardigan (navy or gray), with GLAA shirt worn under sweater.
8. Tights/Leggings: unpatterned, solid colors (black, white, gray, navy or skin tone)(girls)
9. Closed-toed, closed-heeled shoes, and shoes with heel straps (no slippers or flip-flops)
10. Scarves are permitted with uniform dress.

Sunday School Day & Home Leave Day Dress:

In addition to the school uniform, students are also permitted to wear appropriate jeans with GLAA-issued shirts or sweatshirts on Sundays when school is in session and on Home Leave days.

Recreation Dress:

1. Blue Jeans (everyone), Capris (girls)
2. Appropriate Shorts. (Shorts must reach fingertips when standing, and extending length of shorts using leggings or spandex, does not meet policy.)
3. Track Suits; Sweats (A shirt must be worn under jackets.)
4. Appropriate T-Shirts
5. Appropriate Hats and Headbands (No hats when involved in indoor games.)
6. Jerseys for basketball and floor hockey
7. Cut-off Shirt sleeves only when playing basketball (boys)
8. Closed-toed, athletic shoes must be worn by any persons participating at recreation.

Cafeteria Dress:

1. School-Day Breakfast & Lunch – Appropriate Shirts/Jeans/Work Clothes/School Uniform
2. School-Day Supper (Sun – Thurs.) – Recreation Dress
3. Friday Supper – Appropriate Shirts/Jeans
4. Sabbath: Lunch - Sabbath Dress (without ties and jackets for boys); Breakfast & Supper - appropriate Shirts/Jeans
5. Non-School Sundays: Recreation Dress

Friday Vespers Dress:

Boys: Dress Slacks or Khakis; Button-Up Shirts; Dress Shoes and Socks (no flip-flops); (Sport Coats and ties are optional.)39

Girls: Dress Slacks or Khakis; Sweater, Blouse or Jacket with sleeves; Regular-Length Dress or Skirt (to knee or longer); Dress Shoes (no flip-flops)

Sabbath School & Church Dress:

Boys Dress: Suit or Sport Jacket with Dress Slacks; Dress Shirt (tucked in), Belt and Tie; Dress Shoes (no flip-flops) and Dress Socks. (During warmer months, coats and sweaters are optional, at the dean’s discretion. Jackets can be removed, if too warm in church.)

Girls Dress: Regular-Length Dress or Skirt (to knee or longer); Blouse/Top with sleeves and modestly buttoned (no see-through fabric); Dress Shoes (no flip-flops).

Sabbath Afternoon Campus/Meeting Dress:

See WEEKENDER for required attire to weekend events and activities.

Friday Night & Saturday Night Church Meeting Dress:

When there are programs scheduled at the church either Friday or Saturday nights, students are required to wear ‘Friday Vespers Dress’.

Graduation Weekend Friday Consecration Service:

Juniors marching for Graduation Weekend/s Friday night service must wear Sabbath Dress

Jewelry/Smartwatches: Students are asked to leave jewelry items and smartwatches at home, with exception to regular wrist watches. Jewelry and smartwatches will be confiscated.

Hair: Students are encouraged to keep hair clean and well-groomed and avoid unnatural hair color and extreme hairstyles.


1. It is not appropriate to go about campus:
a. in tight-fitting or overly-baggy clothing.
b. in PJ-type clothing.
c. in tanktops, jerseys or shirtless.
d. with undershorts/boxers showing.
e. with a low neckline, either front or back.
f. with a sleeveless top or a tank top.
g. yoga pants.
2. Dresses and skirts must come to the knees when standing or sitting (girls).
3. Offensive Clothing (T-shirts should be in good repair and should not contain messages depicting music groups, the occult, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or inappropriate language.)
4. Shirts and Blouses must be modestly buttoned.
5. Swimwear for school trips must be approved by the dean. Acceptable swimwear for girls is a modest one-piece bathing suit, or modest tankini, with no midriff showing when hands are raised, and board shorts with either a one-piece suit or modest tankini top. Boys are not allowed to wear speedo-type swimwear.
6. It is inappropriate to wear unnatural-looking and excessive make-up.
7. Medic alert symbols may be worn if the student has a note from the doctor.
8. Tops must cover the midriff when sitting, standing, bending or stretching.
9. Footwear must be worn at all times outside of the dormitories.
10. Hats can be worn in respective dorms, the Fitness Center and during recreation, when not participating in a game.

Banquets, Graduation & Other Dress-Up Occasions: All students (dorm and village) attire must be approved by a dean one full week before the event. All girls’ graduation dresses must be approved by the dean prior to Thursday night before Graduation Weekend.

For more information regarding uniforms, please contact Kassie Norcross, Vice Principal, below.

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