Basic Information

Great Lakes Adventist Academy (GLAA) operates on a fixed-rate plan. When a student enrolls, they will be buying an educational service, which will be based on the yearly cost per service as outlined below:

Application Fee $30

An application should be completed and promptly returned with the fee.

General Fee $350

The General Fee is non-refundable, not discounted and includes dorm clubs’ dues, matriculation fee, yearbook, school paper, student accident insurance and SA dues.

Click on the bars below for more financial information.

Dorm Student: ($1,690 x 10 charges) $16,900


Village Student: ($1,200 x 10 charges) $12,000


Note: There are two charges on the August statement, with subsequent months having one charge.
The final charge will be on the April statement.


Tuition: $10,950 ($1,095 x 10 charges). This charge includes instruction in all classes and use of facilities and equipment. Materials used for personal use in the art, music and vocation classes are not included in tuition.


Book Rental: $150 ($15 x 10 charges). Students are charged for damaged or lost textbooks. Personal school supplies are not included in book rentals, but may be purchased at the bookstore.


Cafeteria (Dorm): $3,000 ($300 x 10 charges). This charge includes well-prepared vegetarian meals in the Cafeteria from clinics until graduation for dorm students.


Cafeteria (Village): $900. Village students may eat every lunch in the Cafeteria. They may also eat breakfasts and suppers by paying cash for their meal(s). Clinics, social events, such as banquets and SA functions, are also covered. (see Other Charges)


Room and Laundry: $2,800 ($280 x 10 charges). Charges will continue as long as the room is occupied. Students are held responsible for damages to their rooms beyond normal use.


Extra Dormitory Charges:

  1. Counter-top Refrigerator in Room $8/month
  2. Microwave in Room $8/month
  3. Overnight Visitor $10/night
  4. Private Room (if available) $50/month

Revision of Rates: Due to business uncertainties, money value or minimum wage changes, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to revise these rates without notice.

Students entering/withdrawing at irregular times are charged a pro-rated basis for days attended. Students who receive home suspensions will not receive credit for days missed or any regular school vacation or days missed by school closures.

Art Lessons: Materials used for personal use may be purchased at the bookstore.


Cafeteria Meal Charges:

Village Rate:
Meal Ticket (10 meals) – $50
Cash Price, Per Meal – $6.00


Guest Rate:
Adult – $6.50
Child (under 12 years) – $4.25


Class Dues: The following class dues will be charged to the student’s account on the September statement:


Freshmen Class – $30
Sophomore Class – $30
Junior Class – $75 (does not include class trip)
*Senior Class – $75 (does not include class trip)


*Senior Class dues covers the class gift, flowers for parents at graduation, Senior Recognition weekend and other class-operating expenses.


Dual Credit: Andrews University charges $130/credit hour/semester for dual credit courses, plus an annual, one time $55 general fee. Students in dual credit courses will be charged at the start of each semester.


Graduation Fee: A graduation fee of $150 will be charged to all senior accounts and includes the following: keepsake tassel, cap and gown rental, diploma, graduation weekend program and other graduation expenses.


Instrument Rental: Charge of $12/month for rental of school instruments.


Miscellaneous: The following require advance cash payments, and parents will be notified what due dates are available:
September School Pictures
September Witnessing Retreat
October Junior Class Trip
November AYA Trip
February Bible Camp
February Music Festival
May Senior Class Trip


Music Lessons: Piano, voice, instrument and organ lessons are $22/lesson for each 30-minute instruction period. Music lesson supplies are extra.


Official Transcripts: Student accounts must be paid up before transcripts or diplomas are issued. The first two transcripts are free, and thereafter, a $5 fee will be requested.


Payment due on or before Registration:

Dorm Student: $2,040
Village Student: $1,550


Remittance: All checks, drafts or money orders should be made payable to “GLAA” or “Great Lakes Adventist Academy,” and sent to the Business Office. Make online payments here. Or, click on “Parents”, “Make a Payment”, “Payment Link”, and “First-Time Users Click Here to Register”. (By using your bank account and routing number, you help us save significant credit card fees.)


Foreign Currency: All non-USA/non-Canadian students must pay in advance all total minimum charges for the year and are not eligible for the discount. Please mark the amount of $17,250 to be paid in “US Funds”. This amount will be due the day the student enters school.


Payments by cash, check or online are due on or before the 26th of each month.

Registration Payment Discount:


Dorm Students

Discount period Required Payment Amt. of Discount
July 1-14 $1,940 $100
July 15-31 $1,970 $70
Aug 1-11 $1,990 $50
Aug 12-21 $2,040 0

Village Students

Discount period Required Payment Amt. of Discount
July 1-14 $1,475 $75
July 15-31 $1,500 $50
Aug 1-11 $1,510 $40
Aug 12-21 $1,550 0


In order to have early registration privileges, we must receive the “Required Payment”.


Family discounts, tuition assistance, Project Assist and other discounts will be credited on the Aug 31 statement and will not be subtracted from the “Required Payment” amount for the above discounts. Discounts are not given for credit card payments.


Early Total Year Payment: Parents desiring to pay the total year in advance will be given a 5% discount. Parents desiring to pay half the year in advance will be given a 3% discount. The General Fee is not subject to discount. Student labor is not included when calculating this discount. Discounts will not be given for credit card payments.


Early Payment Discount: A 2% discount will be given on the current month bill if payment is received by the 10th of the month and applies only to parents/guardians.


Family Discount: A 5% discount on tuition and book rentals will be given for each student when two from one family attends GLAA, and a 10% discount for each student when more than three from one family attends GLAA.

Accounts are considered delinquent after the 26th of each month. All accounts must be cleared before a transcript or diploma will be issued. Accounts are considered delinquent as follows:


Outstanding accounts in other schools must be settled before students are admitted to GLAA.

Returning students to GLAA must have the prior-year ending balance paid before registering for classes.

Accounts remaining from family members who attended GLAA must be settled before another student from same family is admitted.


Finance Committee Action: Committee action may be taken as follows:

  • A September statement balance may result in not allowing a student to enroll for second nine-weeks.
  • A November statement balance may result in not allowing a student to take first semester exams.
  • A February statement balance may result in not allowing a student to enroll for fourth nine-weeks.
  • An April statement balance may result in not allowing a student to take second semester exams.
  • A student whose account is overdue two months may be asked to work on Sundays, during vacations and/or home leaves to help bring their account in balance.
  • A student with an account over 90 days delinquent may be asked to withdraw.

Project Assist: Michigan Conference constituents experiencing financial difficulties may apply for Project Assist, a three-way assistance program. The conference and academy match local church amounts up to a board-approved level. The year’s approved level is $1,650 (for dormitory students) and $825 (for village and UP students).


To apply for Project Assist:

  1. Request a Project Assist application from the academy Business Office, or click here to downloadone.
  2. Fully complete the application.
  3. Submit the application to your pastor.
  4. After local church approval, submit the application to GLAA.
  5. The amount credited is based on the actual days in attendance.


Worthy Student Fund: A Worthy Student Fund for students in need has been set up and is allocated as available by committee.Make requests to the Business Manager, Greg Leavitt.To download a form, click here.


Student Labor: Student labor is available to teach students the dignity of labor and to defray expenses. Earnings will be credited to the student’s account for work performed. Each student will be expected to willingly work as assigned. Some students maybe required to work over home leaves at the Good News Farm if needed.


Factors affecting work:

  1. Paper Work: Each student must present original Birth Certificate and Social Security Card, or other appropriate documentation, for filling I-9 Form and to be copied for Business Office files before working.
  2. Age: A student must be at least 14 years of age to work on campus, or 12 years of age to work at the Good News Farm.
  3. Work Assignments: Work assigned is determined by age, skills and job availability.
  4. Project Assist: Project Assist or other scholarship assisted students must work as assigned by labor coordinator. This often means working at Cedar Lake Foods, the Good News Farm or evenings at the Cafeteria. Throughout the school year, students may be asked to work Sundays, home leaves and/or vacations to keep their account current.

Students are encouraged to fill out a form requesting tithe be automatically deducted from their monthly earnings. Tithe is sent to the Michigan Conference.

Transportation is available for medical purposes and to meet bus, plane or train schedules, as staffing allows. Administration should be contacted prior to the purchase of tickets to assure a ride. In-state guardians should take the primary responsibility for providing rides. Staffing may not be available prior to home leaves, during test weeks, graduation and at other times of the year. The following are charges to common destinations:


Alma $30; $20 per additional student
Blanchard $30; $20 per additional student
Edmore $12; $ 6 per additional student
Flint $60; $20 per additional student
Grand Rapids $60; $20 per additional student
Ithaca $32; $20 per additional student
Lansing $55; $20 per additional student
Mt. Pleasant $32; $20 per additional student
Sheridan $30; $20 per additioanl student

Parents/students may deposit cash in office for withdrawal to care for incidental needs.

Student Accident Insurance: A student accident insurance with secondary-coverage is furnished, and covers only after family insurance coverage is expended, or if there is no other primary insurance. Coverage is for injuries incurred while in attendance at school, and does not cover expenses other than accidents. These situations must be paid by the parent, sponsor, and/or family policy. A student accident report must be filed when the accident occurs to receive benefits.


Workmen’s Compensation Insurance: For accidents that occur while the student is employed, the academy is covered under the Worker’s Compensation Insurance Act. If, however, a student is to receive these benefits, an accident report must be filed with the academy when the accident occurs

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