Welcome to the GLAA application process check sheet.

We are happy you’ve chosen to become part of our school family. To be eligible for enrollment and employment at Great Lakes Adventist Academy please complete the following items in the steps below.

**IMPORTANT: Steps 1 and 2 must be completed before an I-20 will be sent.

Step 1: Admission’s Office

  1. Download and fill out application for upcoming school year.
    1. New Student Application
    2. Returning Student Application
    3. Tip: Make sure you and your parent/guardian sign application. Make sure it is filled out completely. Send it in early!
  2. Download and distribute three Recommendation Forms.
    1. Recommendation Form
    2. Tip: Provide a self-addressed-stamped envelope for the convenience of your references or urge them to fax/email the form as soon as possible. One should be an Administrator/teacher from the last school you attended.
  3. Submit application fee of $30.
  4. Submit USA Guardian Commitment Form. 

Your application will be taken to the Admissions Committee at this point and you will receive a letter of acceptance and the I-20 Form.

For questions, please contact Mrs. Kassie Norcross, Vice Principal, at (989) 427-2403.

Step 2: Admission’s Office

Please complete and send in the following:

  1. Medical Release
  2. Health Appraisal
  3. Immunization Record. (Send photocopy from family doctor)
  4. Copy of Health Insurance Card. (Send photocopy of BOTH sides of card)
  5. Computer Use Agreement
  6. Campus Leave Authorization
  7. Consent to Request Academic Records requesting all academic records and transcript from last school attended. For academic questions, please contact Mrs. Hilda Reichert, Registrar, at (989) 427-2402.

For questions, please contact Mrs. Kassie Norcross, Vice Principal, at (989) 427-2403.

Step 3: Business Office

Please complete and send in the following:

  1. I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form
  2. Michigan W-4 Form
  3. Federal W-4 Form
  4. Tithe Agreement

    ***Please bring the following with you when you come to GLAA:
    1.  Passport
    2.  Social Security Card (Students may apply for a Social Security card during the 2nd month of attendance.)
    3.  Birth Certificate
    4.  Most recent report card

For questions, please contact Mrs. Amy Voss, Business Office Supervisor, at (989) 427-2406.

Step 4: Business Office

  1. Payment in full must be received. All fees must be paid in United States dollars. Please mark your check “U.S. Funds.” All students that are not from the United States or Canada must pay their total minimum charges for the year in advance less the cash discount.
  2. The amount that must be paid is $16,750 U.S. funds. This amount will be due on the day that the student enters school.

For questions, please contact Mr. Greg Leavitt, Business Manager, at (989) 427-2407.

Registration Options:

  1. Early Registration By Appointment. Steps 1-4 must be completed before an appointment can be made. Please call (989) 427-4444 to schedule an appointment.*
  2. Open Registration on Campus (No appointment needed). Bring all items not submitted from Steps 3-4.*

*Refer to Calendar of Events for specific dates for early and open registration.
NOTE: Please mail paperwork to Director of Admissions, Great Lakes Adventist Academy, P.O. Box 68, Cedar Lake, MI 48812.
To expedite the application process, please email to knorcross@glaa.net, or fax to (989) 427-5027.


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