Adelphian Academy

Stand up and cheer,
Stand up and cheer for our Adelphian;
For today we praise the purple emblem and the gold.
For true endeavor, thy praise is heard in every clime.
Thy guiding light will lead us right,
To give thy message so divine.

We thank thee ever,
For noble standards high and true;
For the school we love,
Our pledge of service rings anew.
Heart, hand, and spirit, are guided in the ways of truth.
You help us live,
And ever give a lofty purpose to our youth.

Hail, Alma Mater, our memories dear we owe to thee;
And within thy halls, you’ve spurred us on to victory.
With happy voices, and hearts that beat with loyalty,
We give thee praise, through coming days,
For hopes we cherish endlessly.
For the school we love, our pledge of service rings.


Cedar Lake Academy

Cedar Lake, our Alma Mater,
Is the place we love best,
Let us fling on higher banner;
Let it float above the rest.
Time may change the hearts affections
As the memories fade away,
But to you we’ll be true forever,
Dear old school, our CLA.

Let us join our hearts together,
As we pledge our loyalty;
May our every word and action
Show our love, dear school, to thee.
Through the earth though we may wander,
After graduation day,
We’ll be fired and inspired forever
By the thought of CLA.


Grand Ledge Academy

Grand Ledge Academy we pledge to thee
Our honor and fidelity;
Both now and the years to be,
A never failing loyalty.

Grand Ledge Academy thy name shall be
Written high in victory.
Now together we unite our pledge
To Grand Ledge Academy.


Great Lakes Adventist Academy

(Click here to hear our students enthusiastically sing our school song)

Have you heard, have you heard?
We’re a school that lives the Word.
Some may doubt our solemn quest,
But we’ll work to be the best.
Making friends forever true,
Some are old and some are new.
Led by Christ, our awesome friend,
Staying faithful to the end.

G-L-A-A, standing tall and proud,
Now with joy we’ll sing your praises loud.
Family, from students, staff, and board,
Serving Christ our Lord. RAH! RAH! RAH!
G-L-A-A, working for the King,
Good news that we bring.
Sing it loud, our school we’re proud.
Let’s hear it for G-L-A-A.

Have you seen, have you seen?
We’re a school that loves the King.
With our colors blue and white,
We will strive to do what’s right.
For we know, He’s coming soon,
And we’re part of His platoon.
Sharing God to fellow man,
Living out our Savior’s plan.