Robby Stone

Music Media Ministry

Office: (989) 427-2409
Cell: (970) 297-8636

Robby Stone came to GLAA in August of 2016, from the great and tall (14,440 ft.) state of Colorado.   Being born on vacation, in California, the itch for travel is still alive and well.  Domestically his travels have taken him to about 30 states; internationally, he has been to Canada, Mexico, Japan, and the Philippines.   He lived in a total of 14 houses and 6 different states, including Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, canoeing, and flying.  He got his ground school certificate in 2014 (But has no flight time) and is waiting for the opportunity to continue in that field.  He plays piano, cello, and guitar; his next ambition is to learn the organ.