Teresa Alberto, B.A.

Spanish I and II, Biology I

Office: (989) 427-2415
Cell: (662) 322-9541
Email: talberto@glaa.net

Teresa started working at Great Lakes Adventist Academy in August of 2017. She was born in California, raised in Guatemala and moved back to the states to live in Mississippi where they say “ya’ll.” She attended public school and then went to Bass Memorial Academy for her Junior and Senior years (graduating in 2012). While she grew up in an Adventist family, she wasn’t surrounded by Adventist young people. She wasn’t aware of our precious doctrines until she attended an Adventist Academy. She is so thankful for the teachers at Bass and at Ouachita Hills College who did everything possible so that she could get to know Christ as a friend. It’s why she wants to do for others what her teachers did for her, through Jesus.

Because she’s been involved in the canvassing/colporteur ministry, she’s been able to travel to Montana, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, North Dakota, Arkansas, Texas, and New Mexico. Teresa has had countless divine appointments and experienced the power of prayer and perseverance through this work. She enjoys videography, songwriting, singing with friends, learning about different cultures, and appreciating the precious moments in life.