William Merrill

Boys’ Dorm Task Force

Office: (989) 427-2436
Cell: (530) 401-0588
Email: wmerrill@glaa.net

Growing up as an Adventist from seven years old, William Merrill didn’t truly take hold of the gospel until 2012, when he had the opportunity to work at Camp Au Sable for a year as a task force. This experience set the foundation for the rest of his life; working for God and interacting with youth gave him a zeal for living in such a way that demonstrates Christ’s renewing power. Since then, he has served in California as an assistant dean at Weimar Academy, as well as shared practically in secular occupations. William’s greatest desire is to show others how a life consecrated to Christ is the most fulfilling, refining and exciting adventure they could ever go on. His goals for this year as a volunteer assistant dean include growing as a musician and continuing his education (B.S. Communications), all while bringing students to Jesus through building relationships with them.